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Guess who is realllly bad at keeping up to date on stuff? Me! Which is why art is my hobby and not my career. Haha.

Just a preview of a little something I'm working on. It's gonna be a lot busier when it is done, but this is just the first part. I'm also working on some pieces for some contests on deviantart. OF COURSE. I know what you say, "Laura, you enter all these contests yet you only win like subscriptions." Well, when one cannot afford subscriptions than it really is a lot. Haha. And they get my creative juices flowing.

Jason broke my glasses, so I wanted to show you guys the snazzy new ones I ordered off line.  (Orange ones)

snazzy, right? if those come out okay, i'm going to order a "normal" looking pair, too. and maybe this other pair im in love with. haha.

Okay, that should be it for now. Oh, except I'm still trying to get a table for Otakon. They haven't posted anything yet and it's getting so close..........



acrylics <3~ im planning to sell one at otakon and the bunny one on etsy. i have to take better pictures of it though.  the frames are made out of wood.

moar markers

lol rose art markers.

marker octopus

marker, white correction pen and a black sharpie. hohoho. im getting a little better with them. they're still very crappy markers. haha.

marker madness

markers! i love using them =) they hurt my hand a little after awhile. cheap rose art markers. haha. oh and some cheap highlighters my mom gave me.

Lack of Updates

I just haven't been in the internet mood lately. I've grown bored of it as of now and spend a lot of my time playing my playstation. But no worries, these phases come and go and we all need time away from the internet sometimes. Hope everyone is okay!

Pointilism/stippling and Oils

the fish was on iphotostock.com somewhere and i just used it for reference and the cupcake totally was bullcrapped. you can tell from the crappy shading. =)

World's End.

world's end by =pronouncedyou on deviantART

I'm debating drawing the rest of my giants out in photoshop. Maybe I'll just scan them. :D

Full Sail

I got a letter from Full Sail University saying I should apply to them and go to their college. After some research, I had decided not to attend on the account of the poor reviews.

Don't get me wrong, there was a handful that said it was a great place to go if you could afford it and had the drive and dedication to succeed but a lot of people said it was more of a crash course in "the industry" than a fully explanatory curriculum, which is what I want. So I'll stick heading to community college for a couple of years and transferring to another college for art.

But it made me feel nice that a school dedicated to art/music/design sent me a piece of mail intended for, well, me. Haha.


makes me wish i had markers. i so have the urge to do traditional but i only have colored pencils and cheap oil pastels. oh, and watercolor. but none of those things have the vibrancy im going for. oh well. its hard to be original nowadays. i find myself frustrated with my mediocre talent and lack of ideas.